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Mod HoI33 for DD/DDA (1933 - 1953 )




Mod33 is now fit for DD/DDA !

Mod33 is a mod which allows alternative paths ("What If") to the course of History as it actually happened between 1933 to 1953.

Mod 33 has a brand new fighting engine, thousands of historical and non-historical events, exclusive graphics music effects and sounds, as well as the possiblity to play each time a diferent game with an uncertain backstage and context, facing the same challenges as the historical leaders actually did.


Alternatives to history

A lot of alternatives to history are waiting for you ...What about Germany in the 30's? What if Hitler didn't succeed in taking over?
What would have been Germany's fate? Survival of demoracy, restauration of the Imperial Monarchy or a complete turnaround with a communist coup?

This is just a sample. Discover numerous other "what if" :


- Austro Hungarian Empire : Recreate the Habsburg empire and choose his path throughout a thrilled period
- Scandinavia: rule the Scandinavian federation
- The Netherlands and their colonial empire: a German fate?
- The United States and Roosevelt's 1933 assassination: a new civil war looming at the horizon?
- The USSR: You will have to choose between Trotsky's commeback, a new tsarist government or the great stalinian purges...
- The Chinese civil war : 2 ideologies for a lonely country, which one will hold out against history and japanese empire?

- France: put into practice De Gaulle's Theories as of 1935 to prevent the collapse of 1940, unless you prefer a successuful fascist coup against the Republic...
- and a lot of surprises and possibilities, including for many minor countries (such as Romania, Poland, Belgium, Turkey, etc.).





Mod33 for Armageddon only :

Mod33 version 1.41 (require patch 1.3 beta2) ( size = 399 Mo )

Mod33 version 1.43 add-on ( size = 7.48 Mo )


Mod33 for Doomsday :

Mod33_Doomsday_version 1.3.exe ( size = 384 Mo )

Add-on Mod33 version 1.33 for Doomsday ( taille = 32 Mo )

Compatibility Patch for Armageddon (Mod33 version 1.3) ( size = 2.27 Mo )



Mod33 version 1.43 for Armageddon installation:

  • Create a copy of Armageddon (rename it) + patch 1.3 beta2, then install mod33 version 1.41 in the root of your copy of Armageddon.
    Then repeat the same operation by installing directly the new addon version 1.43 in the same folder where you installed mod33 complete version 1.41.
    Once it is done open the main folder where youinstalled the Mod33 then you have to lanch the No Time Limit patch by double clicking on it, it will automatically select the HoI2.exe.
    Finally lauch the game.

Mod33 complete version 1.3 for Doomsday installation:

  • Create a copy of Doomsday (rename it) + paradox Doomsday 1.3a patch, then install mod33 version 1.3 in the root of your copy of doomsday. At the end of mod33 installation the no time limit patch will be launched, check the right destination file (HoI2.exe in your copy of Doomsday), keep selected the option backup. In other cases and for Vista owners NTL patch has to be launched manually from the exe file (in your copy root).

Note1 : Mod33 is launched directly via the classical HoI2 icon.

Note2 : for multiple players game, the last version 1.43 for Armageddon is : ESRH

If everything had been correctly installed, lauch game then start a new Mod 33-53 campaign.

Have a good game !


Some screens from Mod33
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