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Diplomatie et guerre secrète

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your primary diplomatic target

Once the front lines stagnated into trench warfare, it became clear to the belligerents that the only way to switch the balance was to bring neutral nations into the war. The diplomatic run toward the expansion of the war was a key aspect of this apocalyptic conflict.

“World War One: La Grande Guerre 14-18” (WW1) features an easy and exciting diplomatic system, where long term strategies and short terms bluffs are deeply entangled.

Each side is competing to influence neutral nations to try and get them involved in the conflict. By bringing them to your side you can gain advantages ranging from economic support to direct intervention in the war. These types of intervention vary depending of the countries: Scandinavian countries will never send more than food and ammunition, whereas the USA and Great-Britain are strategic targets.

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Each turn, the player chooses to send his diplomats into different objective countries. But some of them are only decoys and the player will only attempt an actual diplomatic action in one country. Hence, each player has to attempt to guess his opponent strategy and then try to counter it while simultaneously conducting his own diplomatic manoeuvres.

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In this secret war, your political influence will of course be affected by your military prowess but that is only part of the equation. Historical relations between countries are taken into account also: Rallying a Balkan country to your cause will raise hostility from all the others. For the Allies, sending Russian diplomats to the Ottoman Empire will likely be a hopeless cause. Furthermore, regular historical events will ask you to make decisions that will affect your image. Finally, you’ll be able to use some unexpected wild cards to trap your opponent.

The diplomatic aspect of World War One is a war unto itself, with its own rules, sneak attacks, and incredible situation reversals.
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